Carpal Tunnel Treatments for Pain Relief

chiropractic care helps patients with carpal tunnel syndrome

Have you ever heard that just like a pinched nerve in your spine can cause back pain, the bones in your wrist can squeeze nearby nerves and result in carpal tunnel syndrome? Many people opt for surgical interventions to tackle this issue, but our Houston chiropractor at Dr. Nicole Shutko Chiropractic Center has had encouraging outcomes using non-invasive wrist bone adjustments for carpal tunnel treatment.

When you consider that surgery can cost between $6,000 and $11,000 and only leads to complete symptom elimination in fewer than 60% of cases, it's not surprising that more individuals are choosing less invasive methods for carpal tunnel pain relief. With this in mind, our medical experts at Dr. Nicole Shutko Chiropractic Center have put together this brief guide to offer some general insights into carpal tunnel and alternative therapies available to you.

Carpal Tunnel Treatments in Houston

Numerous patients come to our clinic expressing concerns about wrist discomfort and seeking clarification on what carpal tunnel syndrome actually entails. Commonly, individuals begin to experience a variety of symptoms—like burning, tingling, or pain—that spread from the thumb to the first through third digits as the median nerve gets compressed due to wrist bone misalignment and swelling. Reports of hand weakness and difficulties in handling small objects are also frequent. Some even feel as though their hand is swollen when, in fact, it is not.

Apart from inquiries about the symptoms of carpal tunnel, people are often puzzled about the origin of their condition. Although the exact cause is usually elusive, some can trace it back to a specific wrist injury. Jobs involving repetitive hand movements or use of vibrating tools are known risk factors. Additionally, certain metabolic disorders affecting the thyroid and pituitary glands can be contributing factors.

While carpal tunnel usually manifests in the dominant hand, it’s not uncommon for both hands to be affected. Often, healthcare providers zero in only on the area where the pain is localized, neglecting the underlying issues. Studies indicate that individuals with bilateral carpal tunnel often have nerve issues originating in the spine. This could explain the less than stellar success rate of carpal tunnel decompression surgeries. Furthermore, women are nearly three times more likely to develop carpal tunnel due to the smaller size of the tunnel in their wrists.

What's the Optimal Course of Treatment?

The most suitable carpal tunnel treatment hinges on the root cause of your condition. It’s generally advisable to start with less invasive and more cost-effective options. Although medications, surgical interventions, and various chiropractic treatments might offer temporary pain relief for carpal tunnel, lasting improvement often requires addressing nerve issues in the spine. Your chiropractor at Dr. Nicole Shutko Chiropractic Center will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to tailor a treatment plan that’s right for you. Many find that their symptoms improve significantly after spinal adjustments. If symptoms linger, further wrist bone adjustments and tissue therapies may be considered.

Deciding how to approach carpal tunnel syndrome can be overwhelming. At Dr. Nicole Shutko Chiropractic Center in Houston, TX, we’re here to help. For more information or to book a consultation, reach out to our clinic today.

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