Treatments for Workplace Accident Injuries

the best chiropractic care for work injuries

You might think that workplace accidents in Houston usually involve dramatic, dangerous incidents. However, most work-related injuries are actually due to overuse. Every year, millions of dollars are allocated across the U.S. to tackle this persistent issue. In this piece, your Houston Chiropractor sheds light on optimizing recovery if you’ve suffered a work-related injury.

Risk Factors for Workplace Injuries

Repetitive stress tops the list of risk factors contributing to work injuries. Actions performed with improper posture, such as constant typing or even the recurring lifting and turning of small boxes, can escalate into significant issues over time. Contrary to popular belief, it's not the occasional large object falling on you, but the repetitive handling of smaller objects that usually results in injury.

Herniated and Workplace Injury Treatments in Houston

Chiropractic care has shown remarkable efficacy in providing work injury pain relief. Conditions like lower back pain and repetitive stress injuries—including carpal tunnel syndrome—are routinely treated by chiropractors. Misaligned joints and spine can often lead to injuries, causing swelling that irritates nearby nerves and exacerbates other health issues.

Immediate Care for Work Injury Treatments

Speedy and accurate treatment after suffering a workplace injury significantly simplifies your road to recovery. Chiropractors are uniquely positioned to evaluate your condition and offer work injury treatments tailored to your needs. Should you require additional medical attention, referrals are readily available.

Why Choose Chiropractic Care for Workplace Injury Treatments

When it comes to misaligned joints, chiropractors are the specialists you need. Regrettably, many patients miss out on this specialized care because they're routed to a standard medical examination by their employers, often resulting in a mere chiropractic rehabilitation. Although sometimes necessary, physical therapists lack the expertise to adjust misaligned joints, leaving patients in a loop of incomplete recovery.

Your Path to Pain Relief and Recovery

If you're navigating through a worker's compensation claim, the Dr. Nicole Shutko Chiropractic Center in Houston is your go-to for expert care. You don’t have to endure pain as a constant companion. Reach out to our team today to rediscover a pain-free life.

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